1. avenge
  2. to attack

Synonyms for infenso

  • exsequoraccomplish, avenge, carry out, describe, explain, follow to the end, fulfill, keep up, punish, relate, to describe, to execute, to follow to the grave, to maintain
  • impetohead for, to attack
  • impugnoassault, to attack
  • infestodisquiet, to attack, to molest
  • invadoattack, enter, fall upon, get in, go in, seize, to assail, to attack, to undertake, usurp
  • prosequorattend, go with, pursue, to attack, to pursue
  • punioavenge, gave vengeance, to punish
  • ulciscoravenge, get back at, take vengeance on, to take revenge on, to take vengeance for
  • vindicoappropriate, arrogate, assume, avenge, claim, deliver, liberate, protect, punish, to avenge, to claim, to liberate

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