1. attired
  2. clad
  3. decked out
  4. dressed
  5. enveloped

Similar to indutus

  • indubitanterconfident, without doubts, without hesitation
  • inducoanull, bring in, conduct, cover, decide, erase writing, induce, influence, introduce, lead, persuade, put on clothing, revoke, to bring, to lead, to lead in
  • indutiaearmistice, suspension of hostilities, truce
  • induviaeclothes, clothing, garb
  • intuswithin
  • incertusdoubtful, hesitant, uncertain, unsure
  • incestuslewd
  • inclituscelebrated, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • inclutuscelebrated, famous, renowned
  • incomptusrough, rude, unkempt, untrimmed