1. carelessness
  2. neglect

Synonyms for incuria

  • incultuslack of cultivation, neglect, neglected, rough, rude, uncultivated, unpolished, untidy, untilled
  • incuriosuscareless, neglect, negligent
  • negligentiacarelessness
  • praetermissioneglect, omission, passing over
  • pretermissioneglect, omission, passing over

Similar to incuria

  • incuriosecarelessly, negligently
  • incuriosuscareless, neglect, negligent
  • incuboattach oneself to, dwell in, lie heavily upon, lie in a place, to brood over, to hang over, watch over
  • incunabulabirthplace, infancy, origin, source, swddling clothes
  • incuratusuncured, unhealed, untended
  • incutioto strike into
  • curiacourt
  • incendiafire
  • industriadiligence
  • infantiababyhood, infancy