1. pure
  2. unadulterated
  3. unpolluted

Synonyms for incontaminatus

  • castitaschastity, morally clean, pure, unpolluted
  • incorruptusgenuine, pure, uncorrupted, untainted
  • purusfree from, pure, spotless, without stain
  • putuspure, unadulterated, unmixed

Similar to incontaminatus

  • inconditusconfused, disorderly, not arranged, unplanned
  • inconsultusimprudent, inconsiderate, precipately, rash, without asking e, without e
  • inconsumptusnot depleted, unconsumed, undiminished
  • incontentusnot extended, unstrained, unstretched, untuned
  • inconsideratusinconsiderate, reckless, uned, without thought
  • indignatusindignant
  • inconcessusforbidden, not allowed, prohibited
  • inconcinnusabsurd, awkward, clumsy, laughable, without elegance
  • inconcussusfirm, stable, unshaken
  • incongruensinconsistent, not agreeing, out of place