1. alone
  2. unaccompanied
  3. without followers

Synonyms for incomitatus

  • singularisalone, alone of its kind, machless, solitary, unique
  • solusalone, only, the only
  • unusalone, at the same time, one, only one, single, unparalleled

Similar to incomitatus

  • incogitatusinconsiderate, spontaneous, thoughtless
  • comitatusaccompanied, following, retinue, train, war band
  • ingustatusuntasted
  • incogitaniathoughtlessness
  • incogitoarrange, contrive, think out, to plan
  • incoharestart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • incohostart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • incolaresident
  • incoleredwell, reside somewhere, to inhabit
  • incolodwell, reside somewhere, to inhabit, to reside or cultivate or inhabit