1. prayer

Synonyms for imploratio

  • deprecatioprayer
  • oratioaddress, oration, prayer, speech
  • precatioprayer, praying
  • precatusbeseeching, prayer
  • precesprayer, praying
  • precisentreaty, prayer, request
  • prexentreaty, prayer, request
  • votumdesire, pray for, prayer, promise to God, to promise to God, vow, wish

Similar to imploratio

  • ploratiolamentation, mourning, weeping
  • ratioaccount, consideration, judgment, manner, method, procedure, reason, reckoning, system, theory
  • impeditiohindrance
  • imbuodye, saturate, steep, to become used to, to imbue, to soak, to stain
  • impleocontent, fulfil, perform, satisfy, to fill in, to fill up
  • immineobe imminent, threaten, to hang over
  • impedioensnare, entangle, hinder, hold fast, obstruct, prevent, surround, to entangle
  • impendeobe imminent, menace, threaten, to hang over
  • curatioattention, curing, healing, medical attention
  • erratioa wandering, straying