1. fiery

Synonyms for impirius

  • fervensfiery, glowing, heated, hot
  • fervidusboiling, excited, fiery, foaming, passionate, seething
  • igneusardent, burning, fiery

Similar to impirius

  • impiusirreverent, ungodly, unpatriotic, wicked, without respect
  • impigeractive, diligent, indefatigable
  • impigreactively, diligently
  • imperviusunpassable
  • imbecillitasindisposition
  • imbellisunwarlike
  • imbiboconceive, drink in, imbibe, think up
  • imbriumof rain
  • imbuodye, saturate, steep, to become used to, to imbue, to soak, to stain
  • immanismonstrous