1. dominering
  2. imperious
  3. powerful

Synonyms for imperiosus

  • fortisbrave, chance, courageous, fortune, luck, powerful, robust, steadfast, strong, valiant
  • lacertosusmuscular, powerful
  • opulensmighty, powerful, rich, splendid, sumptuous, wealthy
  • polleoable, powerful, to be rich in, to be strong
  • potensable, mighty, powerful, strong
  • valensable, healthy, powerful, stong, worthwhile
  • validusable, exceeding, mighty, powerful, robust, strong, vigorous

Similar to imperiosus

  • imperitoto govern
  • imperiumauthority, command, control, power to command, realm, rule, sovereignty
  • impedimentumdifficulty, hindrance, impediment, obstacle
  • impedioensnare, entangle, hinder, hold fast, obstruct, prevent, surround, to entangle
  • impeditiohindrance
  • impeditusembarassed, entagles, hindered, obstructed, prevented
  • impedoensnare, hinder, obstruct, prevent, to entangle
  • impenetrabiilisimpenetrable
  • imperatorcommander in chief, emperor, general
  • imperocommand, hold sway, to command, to give orders, to rule