1. from infero to cause
  2. occasion

Synonyms for illata

  • casusa falling, accident, chance, downfall, event, fortune, occasion, opportunity, violent death
  • excitobring about, call forth, occasion, raise up, stir, to awaken, wake
  • indocause, occasion, to establish
  • vicisevent, occasion, opportunity, time

Similar to illata

  • illahe, it, she, that, the famous, the former
  • illaturosfrom infero "they would cause
  • illacalong that path, in that direction, over there
  • illaesusunharmed
  • illehe, it, she, that, the famous, the former
  • illecebraallurement
  • illectusallured
  • illicat that place, in that matter, there, therein
  • illicitusunlawful
  • illicoimmediately, in that very place, on the spot