1. for that purpose
  2. for that reason
  3. on that account

Synonyms for idcirco

  • ideofor that reason, on that account, therefore
  • indefor that reason, from there, then, thence, thenceforth, thereafter

Similar to idcirco

  • calcoto tread, trample upon, tread under foot
  • dicoto say
  • discobecome acquainted with, to learn
  • ducocommand, consider, considered, construct, count, delay, draw, draw in, esteem, influence, marry a wife, mislead, reckon, shape, spend, to calculate, to charm, to draw, to lead, to lead on the march
  • Icohit, make a deal, strike a bargain, to strike, wound
  • locoallot, grant, hire, position, put, to assign, to place
  • micobe bright, flash, gleam, glitter, palpitate, quiver, shake, shine, sparkle, to serve
  • mulcoto damage
  • necokill, put to death, slay, to kill, to slay
  • noscoget to know, to become acquainted with