1. beautiful
  2. distinguished
  3. fine
  4. honorable
  5. proper
  6. respectable

Synonyms for honestus

  • amplusample, great important, honorable, large, spacious
  • aptoapprove, be suitable, fit, proper, to fit
  • bellusbeautiful, charming, handsome, pretty
  • commoduscommodious, fit, proper, useful, welcome
  • decetcomely, fitting, it is seemly, proper, suitable
  • decorusbeautiful, becoming, charming, decorated, elegant, fit, graceful, proper
  • egregiusdistinguished, eminent, illustrious
  • eleganselegant, fine
  • eximiusexcellent, exceptional, extraordinary, fine, superb, uncommon
  • exquisitusdelicate, excellent, exquisite, fine, sought after

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