1. spear

Synonyms for hasta

  • cuspiscooking spit, javelin, point, spear, the pointed end
  • spiculumarrow, dart, sharp point, spear, sting
  • telumarmament, arms, arrow, bolt, dart, javelin, spear, weapon

Similar to hasta

  • HasnoniumHasnon
  • blattapurple
  • cretachalk, fuller's earth
  • cristacrest, plume, rooster's comb
  • crustabark, crust, embossing, inlay, peel, rind, shell
  • cryptacovered gallery, grotto, vault
  • fractashatter, to break in pieces
  • furtadeceit, stolen property, trick
  • istasometimes pejorative, that
  • itaso, thus