1. fit
  2. suitable

Synonyms for habilis

  • aptoapprove, be suitable, fit, proper, to fit
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • commoduscommodious, fit, proper, useful, welcome
  • competofit, suitable, to be appropriate
  • congruusagreeing, appropriate, fit, suitable
  • decetcomely, fitting, it is seemly, proper, suitable
  • decorusbeautiful, becoming, charming, decorated, elegant, fit, graceful, proper
  • opportunusconvenient, fit, liable to, meet, opportune, suitable

Similar to habilis

  • habitatiohabitation
  • habitoabide, dwell, reside, take possession, to dwell, to have frequently
  • habitudocondition
  • habitumconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habitusdisposed, dress, habit, in a certain condition
  • inhabilisill, poorly adapted, unmanageable, unsuiited
  • habenaegovernment, reins
  • habeoconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habuiconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • inhabitabilisunfit for man or beast, uninhabitable