1. government
  2. reins

Phrases with the word habenae

Synonyms for habenae

  • administratioadministration, giving of help, government
  • frenumbit, bridle, reins, restraint
  • gubernatiocommand, direction, government, leadership
  • ordinatioarrangment, government, order, regulation, rule

Similar to habenae

  • habeoconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habilisfit, suitable
  • habitatiohabitation
  • habitoabide, dwell, reside, take possession, to dwell, to have frequently
  • habitudocondition
  • habitumconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • habitusdisposed, dress, habit, in a certain condition
  • habuiconsider, hold, possess, regard, to have
  • cunaenest for young birds
  • lunaemoons