1. be joyful
  2. take pleasure in
  3. to rejoice

Phrases with the word gaudeo

Synonyms for gaudeo

  • congratulorto rejoice
  • exultobe joyful, to exult
  • gratulorcongratulate, give thanks, to rejoice, to wish a person joy
  • laetificocheer, delight, gladden, to fertilize, to rejoice
  • laetorbe joyful, to be delighted, to rejoice
  • letorbe joyful, to rejoice

Similar to gaudeo

  • gaudiumdelight, happiness, joy
  • adeocome to, so far, so long, such an extent, to approach, to such a point, undertake, visit
  • audeoto dare
  • candeoglow, grow brilliant, sparkle, to shine
  • claudeobe lame, halt, to hobble, to limp
  • ideofor that reason, on that account, therefore
  • pendeobe suspended, be uncertain, depend, to hang, undecided
  • prodeoappear, go forth, go forward, sally forth, to ce
  • pudeoto be ashamed
  • redeobe brought to, be reduced to, come back, fall back upon, return, to be reduced to, to come in, to fall back upon, to go back