1. frenzy
  2. fury
  3. madness
  4. rage

Phrases with the word furor

Synonyms for furor

  • ferveobe excited by passion, boil, foam, glow, rage, seethe, to be boiling hot, to boil
  • furiaemadness
  • insaniafolly, insanity, irrationality, madness
  • insaniorage
  • oestrusfrenzy, horse
  • rabiesfrenzy, fury, madness
  • saeviobe furious, rage, take violent action, to rage, to vent one's rage

Similar to furor

  • fugaescape, flight
  • fugioavoid, escape, runa aaway, shun, to flee
  • fugitivedeserter, runaway slave
  • fugitivusdeserter, runaway slave
  • fugochase, chase away, drive into exile, pursue, to put to flight
  • fumidussmoke, smoky
  • fumoreek, steam, to smoke
  • funestuscausing calamity, deadly
  • funiculusa thin rope, cord, string
  • funiscord, line, rope