1. beam
  2. shine
  3. to flash

Phrases with the word fulgeo

Synonyms for fulgeo

  • fulgurto flash
  • micobe bright, flash, gleam, glitter, palpitate, quiver, shake, shine, sparkle, to serve
  • radiobeam
  • reniteoto flash

Similar to fulgeo

  • fulciooppress, strengthen, to besiege, to strengthen, to support, uphold
  • fulgensflashing, illustrious
  • fulgidusglittering
  • fulgurto flash
  • fultussupporter
  • augeoenlarge, enrich, increase, strengthen, to increase
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want
  • lugeobe in mourning, bewail, grieve, to lament, to mourn
  • tergeoclean, scour, to wipe
  • urgeobeset, to drive, urge