1. flashing
  2. illustrious

Phrases with the word fulgens

Synonyms for fulgens

  • clarusbright, clear, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • egregiusdistinguished, eminent, illustrious
  • inclituscelebrated, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • micansflashing, gleaming, glowing, shining, sparkling, twinkling

Similar to fulgens

  • fulciooppress, strengthen, to besiege, to strengthen, to support, uphold
  • fulgeobeam, shine, to flash
  • fulgidusglittering
  • fulgurto flash
  • fultussupporter
  • gensclan, nation, people, race, tribe
  • egensto needy
  • ingenshuge, monstrous, of immoderate size, prodigious, remarkable, vast
  • legensreader
  • vigensvigorous