1. avoid
  2. escape
  3. runa aaway
  4. shun
  5. to flee

Phrases with the word fugio

Synonyms for fugio

  • aberrodeviate, escape, to wander
  • avertoavert, avoid, to turn away, turn back
  • confugohave recourse to, take refuge, to flee
  • declinoavoid, deflect, deviate, digress, swerve, to turn aside, to turn away, turn away
  • effugielude, escape, flee from, run away
  • effugioelude, escape, flee from, run away
  • effugituruselude, escape, flee from, run away
  • elaborescape, to slip away
  • evadoescape, get off, result, set out, to escape, to go out
  • evitoalso, avoid, to kill, to shuun

Similar to fugio

  • fugitivedeserter, runaway slave
  • fugitivusdeserter, runaway slave
  • confugiohave recourse to, to take refuge in
  • effugioelude, escape, flee from, run away
  • fugaescape, flight
  • fugochase, chase away, drive into exile, pursue, to put to flight
  • fumidussmoke, smoky
  • fumoreek, steam, to smoke
  • funestuscausing calamity, deadly
  • funiculusa thin rope, cord, string