1. in vain
  2. mistakenly
  3. wantonly
  4. without reason

Phrases with the word frustra

Synonyms for frustra

  • cassoannul, destroy, in vain, make void, to bring to naught
  • incassumin vain, to no purpose
  • inefficaciterin vain, ineffectually, vainly
  • inritusin vain, ineffectual, invalid, useless, void
  • irritusin vain, ineffectual, invalid, of no effect, of not effect, undecided, unfixed, useless, vain, void

Similar to frustra

  • frustoto break to pieces
  • frustrodeprive, disappoint, dupe, to deceive, to defraud, trick
  • frustrordisappoint, dupe, to deceive, trick
  • atradark, gloomy
  • nostraour, ours
  • econtrathe same as contra
  • fenestrawindow
  • orchestrasenators, theater space reserved for the Senate
  • palaestratraining, wrestling
  • palestragymnasium, wrestling school