1. delight in
  2. to enjoy
  3. to have the benefit of
  4. use

Synonyms for fruor

  • commodumcomfort, convenience, favorable condition, opportunity, profit, requirements, suitable time, tage, use
  • inhibeoback water, check, employ, practice, restrian, to hold in, use
  • usurpoacquire, employ, enjoy, get possession of, observe, perceive, to appropriate unlawfully, to obtain, to take for oneself, use
  • ususemploy, enjoy, experience, possess, profit, skill, tage, to use, use
  • utorbenefit or profit from, employ, enjoy, find, possess, to associate with, to take tage of, to use, use, with traits of character, yield to

Similar to fruor

  • frugalitaseconomy, frugality, pinching pennies
  • frugifruits of the earth
  • frumentumgrain
  • frutexbush, shrub
  • cruorblood, bloodshed, gore, murder, slaughter
  • peiorworse
  • priorformer, prior
  • reordecide, suppose, to think
  • blandiorcaress, coax, to flatter
  • fateoradmit, allow, make known, reveal, to confess