1. a large concourse
  2. crowd
  3. numerous assembly
  4. population

Synonyms for frequentia

  • catervacrowd, flock, troop
  • celebritascelebration, crowd, fame, multitude, renown
  • grexcrowd, flock, herd
  • populatiodevastation, population, wasting
  • populuscrowd, host, laity, multitude, nation, people, populace, popular, the people
  • turbacrowd, disturbance, mob, multitude, uproar

Similar to frequentia

  • frequentatiocrowding, frequency
  • frequenterfrequently
  • frequentocollect in large number, to crowd, visit
  • frenocurb, hold back, restrain
  • frenumbit, bridle, reins, restraint
  • consequentiaconsequential, relating
  • eloquentiaeloquence, fluency, persuasiveness, readiness of speech
  • infrequentiaemptiness, loneliness, scantiness
  • bestiaanimal, beast
  • gratiaesteem, favor, for the sake of, grace, gratitude, in order to, obligation, thanks, to