1. shatter
  2. to break in pieces

Synonyms for fracta

  • concutioagitate, alarm, disturb, shake, shatter, terrorize, to shake together, to strike together
  • frangoshatter, to break down, to break in pieces
  • perfringopenetrate, shatter, to break through
  • quassobreak, shake to pieces, shatter, to batter, to shake violently
  • rumpiinterrupt, shatter, to break
  • rumpoannull, interrupt, shatter, to break, to rupture, violate
  • rumpusinterrupt, shatter, to break

Similar to fracta

  • blattapurple
  • cretachalk, fuller's earth
  • cristacrest, plume, rooster's comb
  • crustabark, crust, embossing, inlay, peel, rind, shell
  • cryptacovered gallery, grotto, vault
  • furtadeceit, stolen property, trick
  • hastaspear
  • istasometimes pejorative, that
  • itaso, thus
  • juxtain a like manner, likewise