1. courage
  2. moral bravery
  3. physical strength

Phrases with the word fortitudo

Synonyms for fortitudo

  • animusbravery, character, consciousness, courage, intellect, memory, often = mind, soul, spirit, vivacity, will
  • audentiaboldness, courage
  • ferociaarrogance, courage, ferocity, high spirit
  • ferocitasarogance, courage, savageness, untamed spirit
  • virtuscharacter, courage, excellence, manhood, manliness, moral virtue, power, prowess, valor, virtuousness, worth

Similar to fortitudo

  • fortiterbravely, strongly, valiantly
  • formidoafraid, dread, dreadfulness, fear, frightened, scarecrow, terror, to be terrified
  • latitudobreadth
  • lentitudoapathy, slowness, sluggishness
  • tortitudoinjustice, insincerity, prevarication, wickedness, wrong
  • forsay, sing in verse, speak
  • forcapitfall, snare, trap
  • forcepspincers, tongs
  • fordaa cow with calf
  • forfexscissors, shears