1. formula
  2. physical beauty
  3. principle
  4. rule

Synonyms for formula

  • decretumdecree, edict, judgment, order, ordinance, principle
  • dominatusdomination, mastery, rule, tyranny
  • imperiumauthority, command, control, power to command, realm, rule, sovereignty
  • moscustom, customs, inclination, manners habit, moris, rule, usage, will, wont
  • ordinatioarrangment, government, order, regulation, rule
  • principatusdominion, first place, pre, rule
  • regimenguidance, rule
  • regnopredominate, rule, to reign
  • regnumauthority, kingdom, realm, rule
  • regulamonastic rule, rule

Similar to formula

  • fornaculaa small oven
  • forsay, sing in verse, speak
  • forcapitfall, snare, trap
  • forcepspincers, tongs
  • fordaa cow with calf
  • forfexscissors, shears
  • formaappearance, beauty, forma, model, shape
  • formalisformal, having a set or standard form
  • formamentumconformation
  • formatora former, fashioner, maker