1. fashion
  2. form
  3. to fashion
  4. to shape

Phrases with the word formo

Synonyms for formo

  • effingocopy, duplicate, fashion, make, to form
  • plantofix in place, form, make, plant, shape, to set in place
  • vultusa face, appearance, aspect, countenance, expression of the face, form, look, shape

Similar to formo

  • formosebeautifully
  • formositasbeauty
  • formosusbeautiful, finely formed, well
  • forsay, sing in verse, speak
  • forcapitfall, snare, trap
  • forcepspincers, tongs
  • fordaa cow with calf
  • forfexscissors, shears
  • formaappearance, beauty, forma, model, shape
  • formalisformal, having a set or standard form