1. progeny
  2. young

Synonyms for foetus

  • novusa new thing, extraordinary, fresh, inexperienced, new, news, novel, novelty, refreshed, revived, unusual, young
  • parvuluschild, infant, little, tiny, very small, young
  • progeniesdescendants, descent, lineage, offspring, progeny
  • prolesdescendant, descendants, offspring, posterity, progeny
  • pullusa dark garment, blackish, chick, chicken, dark, gloomy, sad, young, young animal
  • subolesoffshoot, offspring, progeny, shoot, sprout
  • tenerdelicate, soft, tender, young
  • teneradelicate, soft, tender, young
  • tenerumdelicate, soft, tender, young

Similar to foetus

  • foedefouly, in a filty manner
  • foederisagreement, compact, covenant, law
  • foederofederate, make a pact, make a treaty, to ally
  • foedisfithly, foul
  • foedoto pollute
  • foedusagreement, alliance, compact, covenant, law
  • foeteoto smell bad
  • foetidussmelly, stinking
  • foetora bad smell, a stink
  • actusmoving through