1. billow
  2. flood
  3. wave

Synonyms for fluctus

  • eluviesa flowing over, flood, innundation
  • fluctivaguswave
  • inundantiaflood, inundation, overflowing
  • procellacharge, gale, onset, storm, tempest, wave
  • redundoexcess, flood, overflow, stream over, to overflow
  • undabillow, water
  • undoto flood, to surge, undulate, wave

Similar to fluctus

  • fluctivaguswave
  • actusmoving through
  • aestuspassionate fire
  • altusancient, deep, great, high, matured, noble, old, secret
  • aptusappropriate, connected, fastened, fitted, fitted out, fitting, prepared, qualified, suitable
  • artuslimbs
  • astuscunning
  • auctusenlargement, growth, increase
  • autusenlargement, growth, increase
  • captusa catching, captured, idea, power or manner of comprehension, prisoner, taken, taking