1. affirm
  2. encourage
  3. maintain
  4. make firm
  5. secure
  6. strengthen
  7. to assert
  8. to make lasting

Phrases with the word firmo

Synonyms for firmo

  • adhaeroadhere, cleave, keep close to, secure, stick to, to hang to, to stick
  • alloquorencourage, to address
  • alocherish, keep, maintain, nourish, support, sustain
  • augeoenlarge, enrich, increase, strengthen, to increase
  • autumoaffirm, believe, to assert
  • conservoconserve, hold to, keep, maintain, to preserve
  • contendocast, compete, contrast, hasten, maintain, shoot, strive, struggle, to assert, to compare, to contend
  • defigoconcentrate, fasten down, fix firmly, fix upon, secure, to fasten
  • erigoarouse, encourage, incite, raise, raise up, set up, to arouse, to erect
  • fotumcaress, encourage, keep warm, support, to cherish, to foster, to warm

Similar to firmo

  • firmamentumprop, strengthening, support, the main point
  • firmiterenduringly
  • firmitudodurability
  • firmusconstant, durable, firm, reliable, solid, steadfast, strong
  • confirmoto confirm
  • infirmoannull, disprove, invalidate, shake, to weaken
  • obfirmobar, fasten, lock, to bolt
  • amobe fond of, cherish, like, to love
  • armoarm, equip, fit out, to provide arms
  • clamocry aloud, declare, proclaim, shout, to call