1. arrogance
  2. courage
  3. ferocity
  4. high spirit

Synonyms for ferocia

  • animusbravery, character, consciousness, courage, intellect, memory, often = mind, soul, spirit, vivacity, will
  • audentiaboldness, courage
  • contumaciaarrogance
  • ferocitasarogance, courage, savageness, untamed spirit
  • flatusarrogance, blast, blowing, breathing, fart, haughtiness
  • fortitudocourage, moral bravery, physical strength
  • superbiaarrogance, pride
  • virtuscharacter, courage, excellence, manhood, manliness, moral virtue, power, prowess, valor, virtuousness, worth

Similar to ferocia

  • ferocitasarogance, courage, savageness, untamed spirit
  • ferociterarrogantly, courageously, forciously, with spirit
  • feculentiadregs, filth, impurities, lees
  • fecundafertile, plentifully furnished
  • fecundofertilize, make fruitful
  • fefellodisappointed by something, to be failed by
  • felicisfortunate, happy, lucky
  • felicitashappiness
  • feliciterhappily
  • felixfortunate, happy, lucky