1. destiny
  2. doom
  3. fate
  4. lot
  5. weird

Phrases with the word fatum

Synonyms for fatum

  • eventusconsequence, event, experience, fate, issue, occurrence, outcome, result, success
  • fasallowed, destiny, divine law or command, fate, lawful
  • fortunachance, condition, fate, fortune, luck
  • sorsallotment, fortune, lot, share

Similar to fatum

  • fababroad bean
  • faberartisan, craftsman, ingenious, skilled
  • fabreingeniously, skillfully
  • fabricaart, craft, device, manufacture, trade, trick
  • fabricoto construct
  • fabrilisworkmanlike
  • fabulafable, play, story, tale
  • facessoaccomplish, do, to work zealously
  • faciesappearance, aspect, condition, countenance, face, look, visage
  • facileeasily, readily, without difficulty