1. confidential friendship
  2. intimacy

Synonyms for familiaritas

  • consuetudocustom, familiar acquaintance, habit, intimacy, usage
  • propinquitascloseness, contiguity, intimacy, nearness

Similar to familiaritas

  • familiafamily, household
  • familiarisbelonging to a household, friendly, intimate
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • facunditasfertility, qickness or readiness of speech
  • fababroad bean
  • faberartisan, craftsman, ingenious, skilled
  • fabreingeniously, skillfully
  • fabricaart, craft, device, manufacture, trade, trick
  • fabricoto construct
  • fabrilisworkmanlike