1. fertility
  2. qickness or readiness of speech

Synonyms for facunditas

  • fertilitasabundance, fertility, fruitfulness
  • laetitiadelight, fertility, gladness, grace, joy, richness
  • leticiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • letitiadelight, fertility, grace, joy, richness
  • ubertasabundance, bounty, fertility, plenteousness, plenty, richness

Similar to facunditas

  • facundiafertile, productive, profitable
  • facundaeloquent
  • facundeeloquently, fluently
  • facunduseloquent, fluent, ready of speech
  • facultasability, abundance, capacity, feasibility, means, opportunity, power, resources, stock, store, wealth
  • familiaritasconfidential friendship, intimacy
  • fababroad bean
  • faberartisan, craftsman, ingenious, skilled
  • fabreingeniously, skillfully
  • fabricaart, craft, device, manufacture, trade, trick