1. accomplishment
  2. achievement
  3. act
  4. action
  5. deed
  6. work

Synonyms for factum

  • adeptioachievement, attainment, obtaining
  • commissioaction, execution, performance, perpetration
  • facinaaction, bad deed, crime, deed, villainy
  • labordistress, exertion, fatigue, glide, hardip, hardship, labor, slide, slip away, to sink, to slip, toil, work
  • laborislabor, toil, work
  • operalabor, pains, work
  • operatiowork
  • operisbuilding, completed work, labor, work, work done
  • opusbuilding, completed work, deed, labor, work, work done
  • resaffair, being, busines, case, circumstance, condition, deed, event, fact, matter, object, occurrence, thing

Similar to factum

  • facticiusartificial, man
  • factusbe done, be made, become
  • labefactumimpair, loesen, to shake
  • tuma coming, arrival, at that time, in the next place, then, thereupon
  • centum100, one hundred
  • coeptumundertaking
  • crustumbread, cake
  • cultumcherish, cultivate
  • dictumdictate, word
  • didtumdistribute, divide, to separate