1. action
  2. bad deed
  3. crime
  4. deed
  5. villainy

Phrases with the word facina

Synonyms for facina

  • commissioaction, execution, performance, perpetration
  • dedecusblemish, crime, disgrace, dishonor, dishonorable act, shame
  • facinusvillainy
  • factumaccomplishment, achievement, act, action, deed, work
  • latrociniuma gang of, highway robbery, mercenary service, villainy
  • malumcrime, damage, evil, injury, misdeed, misfortune
  • noxacrime, offense
  • opusbuilding, completed work, deed, labor, work, work done
  • piaculuma sin, a victim, atonement, crime, punishment, sacrifice, sin
  • resaffair, being, busines, case, circumstance, condition, deed, event, fact, matter, object, occurrence, thing

Similar to facina

  • facinarosescandalously, viciously
  • faciesappearance, aspect, condition, countenance, face, look, visage
  • facileeasily, readily, without difficulty
  • facilisaffable, agreeable, easy, pleasant
  • facinusvillainy
  • faciobe of service, help, suffer, suit, to experience, to give permission, to sacrifice
  • farinameal or flour
  • fababroad bean
  • faberartisan, craftsman, ingenious, skilled
  • fabreingeniously, skillfully