1. booty
  2. hides pelt
  3. spoils

Synonyms for exuviae

  • praedabooty, gain, loot, plunder, prey, spoils of war
  • praemiumbooty, exploit, prize, profit, reward
  • predabooty, gain, loot, plunder, prey, spoils of war
  • premiumbooty, prize, profit, reward
  • prendabooty, loot, stolen goods
  • spoliumbooty, plunder, spoils

Similar to exuviae

  • exuberanssuperfluous
  • exuberoabound, to abound in, to grow thickly
  • exululoto howl loudly
  • exuodeprive, put away, store, strip, strip off, to divest, to lay aside
  • exuroburn, burn down, set on fire
  • exsequiaerelics
  • exacuoto sharpen
  • exaequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like
  • exaestuofoam, to give forth
  • exaggeratioaccumulation