1. burn
  2. burn down
  3. exussum
  4. set on fire

Synonyms for extermino

  • aduroburn, kindle, light, singe, to set fire to
  • exuroburn, burn down, set on fire
  • exussumburn, burn down, set on fire

Similar to extermino

  • exterminatabanished
  • exterforeign
  • externusexternal, foreign, outer, outside
  • exterritusterrified
  • terminoclose, define, restrict, set a limit to
  • exornoadorn, provide, supply, to equip, to furnish
  • explanoto make clear
  • exponodisplay, explain, expose, to expound, to set forth
  • expugnogain, overcome, subdue, take by storm, to capture, to take by assault
  • determinodelimit, prescribe, set boundaries to, to fix the limits of, to settle