1. delicate
  2. excellent
  3. exquisite
  4. fine
  5. sought after

Synonyms for exquisitus

  • eleganselegant, fine
  • eximiusexcellent, exceptional, extraordinary, fine, superb, uncommon
  • honestusbeautiful, distinguished, fine, honorable, proper, respectable
  • insigniterdistinction, distinguished, excellence, excellent, to be built on
  • lautusbathed, cleaned, elegant, fine, refined, washed
  • multoby a great deal, by a lot, by far, by much, distrain, fine, torment
  • mutoalter, exchange, fine, mulct, punish, to change
  • palmariumexcellent, outstanding, splendid
  • praecellensdistinguished, excellent
  • praeclarusbeautiful, excellent, famous, striking

Similar to exquisitus

  • expositusaccessible, exposed, open
  • exertusapproved, experienced, project, tested, thrust forward, tried
  • exhaustusdrained
  • exitusend, exit, finish, going forth, going out, outlet, withdrawing
  • exortusappearance
  • expertusascertained, experienced, knowing, proven
  • exsertusproject, thrust forward
  • exercitusarmy
  • exorbatusstripped
  • expedituslight, unchecked, unimpeded