1. to awaken

Synonyms for expergefacio

  • evigilobe alert, be watchful, to awaken, work hard at
  • excitobring about, call forth, occasion, raise up, stir, to awaken, wake

Similar to expergefacio

  • excruciocause great pain, to torment, torture
  • expergescorto bestir
  • expertusascertained, experienced, knowing, proven
  • faciobe of service, help, suffer, suit, to experience, to give permission, to sacrifice
  • exeogo forth, to withdraw
  • expioto purify
  • expleocomplete, discharge, fill up, finish, fulfil, to fill, to fulfill, to make losses good
  • exuodeprive, put away, store, strip, strip off, to divest, to lay aside
  • exacuoto sharpen
  • exaestuofoam, to give forth