1. light
  2. unchecked
  3. unimpeded

Synonyms for expeditus

  • aduroburn, kindle, light, singe, to set fire to
  • effrenusunbridled, unchecked, unrestrained, wild
  • levisbald, beardless, fickle, inconstant, light, rapid, slight, swift, trivial, unimpotant, unstable
  • licensfree, unchecked, unimpeded, unrestrained
  • lucislight
  • lumenclearness, lamp, lantern, light, light of day, the eye, understanding
  • luminariumlamp, light
  • luxlight

Similar to expeditus

  • expedioarranged, clarify, clear, disentangle, explain, ready, set free, set straight, settled, to free from a snare, to release
  • expediteeasily, freely, promptly
  • expeditioenterprise
  • expeditioneexpedition, military force, military operation
  • experiorascertain, experience, prove, put to the test, test, to test, to try
  • expetensdesirous, eager
  • expetodesire, make for, require, strive after, to demand, to fall upon, to seek after
  • exertusapproved, experienced, project, tested, thrust forward, tried
  • exhaustusdrained
  • exitusend, exit, finish, going forth, going out, outlet, withdrawing