1. enterprise

Synonyms for expeditio

  • inceptumattempt, beginning, enterprise

Similar to expeditio

  • expeditioneexpedition, military force, military operation
  • expedioarranged, clarify, clear, disentangle, explain, ready, set free, set straight, settled, to free from a snare, to release
  • expediteeasily, freely, promptly
  • expedituslight, unchecked, unimpeded
  • expletioend, finish, satifying, to bring to completion
  • exustioburning up, conflagration
  • experiorascertain, experience, prove, put to the test, test, to test, to try
  • expetensdesirous, eager
  • expetodesire, make for, require, strive after, to demand, to fall upon, to seek after
  • ditioauthority