1. adminstration
  2. busy oneself in
  3. prosecute
  4. work at

Synonyms for exercitatio

  • postulocontain, demand, impeach, measure, need, prosecute, require, summon, to ask, to complain, try
  • subcriboprosecute, sign, to write beneath

Similar to exercitatio

  • exercitoto practise diligently
  • exercitusarmy
  • exerceocultivate, exercise, keep at work, practice, to administer, to train
  • citatiocall, summons
  • expletioend, finish, satifying, to bring to completion
  • exustioburning up, conflagration
  • exertusapproved, experienced, project, tested, thrust forward, tried
  • excusatioexcuse
  • executiorecover, to seize
  • exhibitioproducing