1. escape
  2. fly away
  3. rush out
  4. to flee

Synonyms for evolo

  • aberrodeviate, escape, to wander
  • confugohave recourse to, take refuge, to flee
  • effugielude, escape, flee from, run away
  • effugioelude, escape, flee from, run away
  • effugituruselude, escape, flee from, run away
  • elaborescape, to slip away
  • evadoescape, get off, result, set out, to escape, to go out
  • fugaescape, flight
  • fugioavoid, escape, runa aaway, shun, to flee
  • pretereoescape, omit, pass by, to go by, to pass over

Similar to evolo

  • evocodraw on, produce, recall to the colors, to draw out
  • evolutioreading of a book, unrolling and reading of a scroll
  • evomoto vomit forth
  • ejuloto wail
  • epulobanquet, feast, sumptuous food
  • evellopluck out, result, to tear out, turn out
  • evigilobe alert, be watchful, to awaken, work hard at
  • volobe willing, denote, maintain that, move rapidly, ordain, signify, speed, suppose, to fly, to mean, to wish, want, will
  • eatenusso far, thus far, up to then
  • ebriusdrunken