1. hunger

Synonyms for esuritio

  • famesfamine, hunger
  • ieiunitasemptiness, hunger, meagerness, poverty
  • ieiuniumabstinence, fast, hunger, leanness, thinness

Similar to esuritio

  • esuriodesire, long for, to be hungry, to hunger, yearn
  • editioan announcement, statement, the publishing of a book
  • elatiohigh wave, self
  • ereptioconfiscation, seizure, taking by force
  • eruptioan eruption, assault, attack, bursting forth, sally
  • erogatioexpenditure, payment
  • eruditioinstruction, knowledge, learning, teaching
  • evolutioreading of a book, unrolling and reading of a scroll
  • eogo, leave, march on, to ce
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want