1. purchase
  2. to buy

Synonyms for emo

  • emipurchase, to buy
  • emptumpurchase, to buy
  • pensoconsider, estimate, pay, ponder, purchase, to weigh out
  • reparobuy, make good, obtain in trade, purchase, renew, to restore

Similar to emo

  • emoveoremove, take away, to move away
  • evomoto vomit forth
  • eatenusso far, thus far, up to then
  • ebriusdrunken
  • ebulliobubble up, produce in abundance, to appear, to boil up
  • econtrathe same as contra
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edicodeclare, to announce
  • edictumordinance
  • editioan announcement, statement, the publishing of a book