1. depart
  2. exit
  3. leave
  4. to go out

Synonyms for egressus

  • abscedodepart, leave, to go away
  • desoloabandoned, foresake, leave, to desert, to forsake, to leave desolate
  • dimittoabandon, dismiss, forgive, leave, leave behind, send away, to break up, to leave
  • discedodeviate, leave, to depart from, to go away
  • egrediordepart, exit, leave, to come out, to go out
  • egressiodepart, withdraw, withdrawal
  • eogo, leave, march on, to ce
  • evadoescape, get off, result, set out, to escape, to go out
  • exitusend, exit, finish, going forth, going out, outlet, withdrawing
  • licentiaauthorization, freedom, leave, liberty, license, licentiousness

Similar to egressus

  • egressiodepart, withdraw, withdrawal
  • gressuspace, the ability to walk
  • eatenusso far, thus far, up to then
  • ebriusdrunken
  • ebulliobubble up, produce in abundance, to appear, to boil up
  • econtrathe same as contra
  • ediconsume, devour, to eat, waste
  • edicodeclare, to announce
  • edictumordinance
  • editioan announcement, statement, the publishing of a book