1. depart
  2. withdraw
  3. withdrawal

Synonyms for egressio

  • abducodetach, or take away, to lead, withdraw
  • abscedodepart, leave, to go away
  • abstuloto take away, withdraw
  • cedogo away, happen, proceed, to go, to grant, turn out, withdraw, yield
  • cessito grant, withdraw, yield
  • cessumto grant, withdraw, yield
  • concedoallow, give up, grant, to concede, withdraw, yield
  • decessioa retreat, decrease, departure, diminution, leavin, withdrawal
  • decessusdeath, departure, retirement, withdrawal
  • deficiofail, to be in want, to run out, to to be wanting, weaken, withdraw

Similar to egressio

  • eversioan overturning, destruction, ruin
  • egressusdepart, exit, leave, to go out
  • eogo, leave, march on, to ce
  • egeobe without, lack, to need, want
  • eluorinse cleanse, squander, to wash out, waste
  • eruodemolish, pull out, raze, rescue, to dig up, to pluck
  • ebulliobubble up, produce in abundance, to appear, to boil up
  • editioan announcement, statement, the publishing of a book
  • edoceoinstruct thoroughly, to inform fully, to instruct thoroughly
  • elatiohigh wave, self