1. break open
  2. to break

Synonyms for effractum

  • effregibreak open, to break
  • effringobreak open, to break
  • redomotame, to break
  • rumpiinterrupt, shatter, to break
  • rumpoannull, interrupt, shatter, to break, to rupture, violate
  • rumpusinterrupt, shatter, to break

Similar to effractum

  • efflectumdestroy, obliterate, to wipe out
  • efflagitoto plead urgently
  • effligodestroy, obliterate, to wipe out
  • efflixidestroy, obliterate, to wipe out
  • effloblow out, to breathe out
  • efflorescobloom, break out, to blossom
  • effluobe forgotten, become known, leak, pour out, seep, to vanish
  • effluviuman outlet, seepage
  • effregibreak open, to break
  • effrenoto let go without reins