1. destroy
  2. obliterate
  3. to wipe out

Synonyms for efflectum

  • aboleoabolish, annul, do away with, efface, obliterate, to destroy
  • accidodestroy, hew, occur, to fall down, to hack, to happen, to ruin
  • annulloannihilate, destroy, to obliterate
  • atterodestroy, erode, impair, rub against, rub away, ruin, to weaken, waste, weaken, wear away, wear down
  • cassoannul, destroy, in vain, make void, to bring to naught
  • concidocut down, cut up, destroy, fail, perish, sink, subside, to be ruined, to fall down
  • confundoblend, confound, confounding, confuse, destroy, mix, to bring into disorder, to pour together, trouble
  • consumodestroy, employ, finish, to devour, to spend, use up, waste away
  • corrumpoannihilate, destroy, spoil, to break up, weaken
  • deleoannihilate, blot out, destroy, efface, erase, to obliterate

Similar to efflectum

  • effractumbreak open, to break
  • efflagitoto plead urgently
  • effligodestroy, obliterate, to wipe out
  • efflixidestroy, obliterate, to wipe out
  • effloblow out, to breathe out
  • efflorescobloom, break out, to blossom
  • effluobe forgotten, become known, leak, pour out, seep, to vanish
  • effluviuman outlet, seepage
  • effregibreak open, to break
  • effrenoto let go without reins