1. fierce
  2. savage
  3. undomesticated
  4. untamed
  5. wild

Synonyms for efferus

  • acerbitter, eager, fierce, keen, severe, sharp, stinging, violent
  • asperfierce, harsh, rough, severe, violent
  • barbarusbarbarian, foreigner, rough, rude, savage, uncouth
  • effrenusunbridled, unchecked, unrestrained, wild
  • feroxarrogant, courageous, headstrong, spirited, unbridled, warlike, wild
  • ferusfierce, savage, untamed, wild
  • indomitusuntamed, wild
  • inhumanusbarbarous, cruel, inhuman, savage, uncivil, uncivilized
  • torvasavage, wild

Similar to efferus

  • effeminatuswomanish
  • efferobury, exalt, lift up, to bring forth, to carry out
  • effugituruselude, escape, flee from, run away
  • ferusfierce, savage, untamed, wild
  • effectorproducer, someone who causes something
  • effectrixproducer, someone who causes something
  • effectusdoing, effect, execution, performance, rendered, result
  • efferciofill, stuff, to cram
  • effertuscrammed, jammed, stuffed
  • effervoswarm out, to boil up